Emergency Evacuation
In the unlikely event of an emergency where an area, building or the festival site may require to be evacuated or cleared, it is imperative to remain calm and follow all instructions from Homegrown staff and emergency services.

First Aid  
Several St John stations are located around the site and are available to treat people who are in need of urgent medical assistance. Please keep in mind that St Johns staff and volunteers have a very long and demanding day so please only seek help under genuine circumstances. We owe them a great deal of gratitude for all their skills and support.      

You are required to abide by any reasonable request or command from Jim Beam Homegrown security. Remember that our security staff’s priority is your safety. If you need help or see anyone needing help, please notify our security staff straight away.    

Safety Announcements
Between acts on all stages we will be making announcements to keep you informed during the day so please take note and respect our MC's.

Information Tents
If you have any question about lost items, please see Homegrown staff located at Odlins Plaza, between Te Papa and the Macs Brew Bar- off Taranaki Street or at the info tent at the Dub & Roots stage.

Restricted Items
Check the back of your ticket for restricted items such as video cameras, alcohol & umbrella's as we have no provision to check them in so you will need to get rid of it or take it back home or to your car. Still cameras are allowed for personal use only.



Remember T Bring Stuff You Need

  • ID

  • Ticket(s)

  • Prescription Medication (legal and clearly labeled)

  • Phone charger and/or power bank

  • phone

  • cash (enough for the whole day)

  • suitable clothing (it gets cold when the sun goes down!)

  • Sunscreen

  • If you have any chronic conditions or illness (ie epilepsy, diabetes, asthma) be sure to carry information regarding your condition & emergency contact number on you at all times.

Allow Enough Time To Get Into The Festival
Presume around 30 minutes to get through the gates and security, depending on the time of day.

Dress For The Day
New Zealand weather can be unpredictable. Make sure you dress in sensible clothing and suitable footwear.   

Bringing Bottles & Food Into The Event  
You can bring into the event an unopened bottle of water (no glass) & reasonable amounts of food without problems. There will be a large range of food and drink vendors available on the day.  

Keep It Real & Keep It Legal
Anyone caught holding or dealing illegal substances will be treated the same way as anywhere else. Don't turn up intoxicated or out of it, as you may be refused entry.

Care For Others  
Please be considerate of others as well as your own safety, especially in front of stages. If someone falls or is distressed please help them or let the security team know so we can help. We're all here to have the best time possible! 

Waste And The Environment
Please make sure you make an effort to use the large number of readily available recycling stations around the festival site. Our aim is to run the event with as minimal impact on the environment and as much waste away from landfill as possible.