Jim Beam Homegrown supports all things green and we would love it if you helped by making your presence at the festival as environmentally friendly as possible. Our earth is precious and with everyone doing something small, we can make a big difference. 

 Carpool For A Classic Kiwi Road Trip
If you are from outside the Wellington area, jumping in a car with your mates for a classic kiwi roadie is all part of the Jim Beam Homegrown experience.

Recycling - Let's make an effort! 
We were able to recycle 86% off all our waste after the 2018 event, keeping it away from landfill which was a great effort but we can do better! Help us by not dropping rubbish on the ground and make sure you use the recycle stations provided around the festival site.

There will be a lot of these stations clearly labeled throughout all the waterfront venues. There will be three bins at each station, two for plastic and one for glass and cans.   

 Public Transport
Wherever possible we encourage people to use public transport. Wellington has a great public transport system and it's a great way to help the planet and save the headache of finding a park near the event! There is no dedicated parking at the event, just the ones available around the city. 

Be sure to plan in advance and check the bus and train timetables before event day.