Jim Beam Homegrown supports all things green and we'd appreciate it if you could make your presence at the festival as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our earth is precious & with everyone doing something small we can make a big difference.    

Recycling - let's all make an effort!

At the 2013 festival we were able to recycle 74% of all our waste away from Landfill which was a great effort & up from the previous year. Please help us & don't just drop rubbish on the ground, try & use the recycling stations.

There will be lots of clearly labeled recycling stations throughout all of the waterfront venues so please check the signs and use the right one. There will be 3 bins at each station (1 = plastic, cans, glass  2 = food waste  3 = other).

Public Transport

Wherever possible lets use public transport. Wellington has got a great system and it's a good way to help the planet, along with keeping some ping in your pocket. Parking space is at a premium in Wellington so make sure your car is full or jump on a bus or train. 

Check out this website www.jayride.co.nz if you have a spare seat in your car or you wanna grab a ride with some other people on a mission.  After all, meeting new people is what festivals are all about!

Check out the transport page for bus & train timetables.

Green Cabs

NZ's first carbon neutral cabs  www.greencabs.co.nz