All early bird tickets SOLD OUT in record time
GA tickets are now available for $99 plus Ticketek booking fee


How old are You?

  • Jim Beam Homegrown is a 15+ event. If you are under 15 you will need to be accompanied by a legitimate legal guardian (older brothers, cousins etc. won't cut it)
  • We will only be selling a maximum of 15% of all tickets to people under 18 years. So if you are under 18 and want a ticket it would pay to get it sooner rather than later to avoid missing out.
  • This year all 15-17 year olds are required to pre-register and bring ID. Click here for more info
  • Children under 5 are free

Counterfiet Wristbands

  • To stop counterfeit wristbands this year we are using RFID wristbands (Radio Frequency ID)
    RFID wristbands simply can't be copied and every time you enter or exit a stage your wristband will be scanned
  • If your wristband isn't legit you won't be able to get in and just looking like the real thing isn't going to cut it! So don't buy a dodgy copy of the real thing because it won't work & you'll waste your cash

Postponement Day

  • Please note that if required Sunday 16th February 2014 will be used as a postponement day



When you get to Jim Beam Homegrown you will need to swap your ticket for a wristband that will get you in and out of the different stages during the day. These wristbands will be available from 2 locations

  1. At the Jervois Quay entrance to lower Frank Kitts Park
  2. At the Dub & Roots Stage entrance at Waitangi Park

Make sure you bring some ID for proof of age