Jim Beam Homegrown celebrates the New Zealand summer in the finest fashion, by transforming the Wellington Waterfront into party central, putting the best in Kiwi Music up on stage and inviting 22,000 people to join in!

So on February 15th that's what we are going to do with a massive line-up of over 60 of our best Kiwi rock, pop, RnB, hip hop, dub, roots, reggae and electronic bands, DJ's and performers.

To check out the line-up on each stage click through on the links below.




  • The Lagoon - This year we are proud to announce a new hospitality and entertainment hub in and around the stunning Waterfront Lagoon. The Lagoon will host, 2 seperate entertainment stages, 3 upmarket bar areas, a cafe, assorted gourmet food options, on water activities and an interactive art space. Plus it's all FREE to the public

  • Locally Sourced - A new inclusion to the mix this year is a 'locally sourced' stage in Lower Frank Kitts Park. Also FREE to the public this stage will feature an eclectic and talented mix of Wellington's finest local artists peppered with a couple of high profile out of towners

Individual Stage Capacity

 Each stage has a limited capacity and during the day access is on a
first come first serve basis.

Tickets to Jim Beam Homegrown are strictly limited and we're keeping numbers down to try and make sure everybody can see the bands they want to see but if you've got a favourite band it can't hurt if you get there a little early.

Homegrown reserves the right to change the line-up as required due to accident, illness, travel problems, force majeure, legal dispute or any incident beyond the control of Homegrown Events Ltd.